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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Maan was initiated as a response to the magnitude of the current crisis and its impact on the arts community and a continuation of Athr’s support of the art scene and its artists. It is intrinsic to our mission to proactively participate in their sustainability all while making art accessible to a wider audience and triggering change, particularly in times of uncertainty.  Initiated by Athr in cooperation with artists, the production and research fund consists of creating limited edition artworks by established and emerging artists to support fellow practicing artists.

Open to all Saudi Arabia-based visual artists, irrespective of medium of practice. There are no limitations concerning age, region or provenance of the applicant. If you are a visual artist and have a project that needs a stimulus of funds for completion or need seed funding for production or research, please see the link below and apply online.

For further information, please contact us via this email address:

Application guidelines


Open to all visual artists based in Saudi Arabia or living in Saudi two years and longer. There are no limitations concerning age, region or provenance of the applicant. Applications can be submitted in Arabic or English. All applications will be first examined in relation to the formal conditions requested. Applicants must be individual artists, or an individual representing an artist collective, ensemble, or group. This open call includes an application that can be submitted to the details provided.


Open call for visual artists to apply for varying amounts towards the realization of the artists’ projects or research. The fund is open to support a range of contemporary artistic positions or other requirements to enable artistic production.

Grant amount

The funds are aimed to assist in artistic production. Grant amounts awarded will be between 5,000SAR and 10,000SAR. Artists can only receive one grant a year.

Selection Criteria

The proposed application should describe the use of the funds in correlation between the artistic principles of the artist and the way in which it is expressed in the work or project will be considered. Conceptual, formal, and contextual characteristics of the work or project proposed will be taken into consideration.

The selection committee evaluates applications based on the following criteria and guidelines:

RELEVANCE: assessing the proposal’s content, significance and importance to current audiences. The project should address the current context and events in any medium.

QUALITY: assessing the grantee’s methodology in implementing the proposed project / artwork. Assess if the applicant (individual or collective) is capable of implementing the project, in terms of talent, experience, and education.

INNOVATION: assessing the contribution each proposal would make within its respective field and medium, genre. How original is the proposal work? Are applicants’ utilizing new tools for expression?

COST: assessing whether the project’s total cost corresponds to the proposed output. Jurors are asked to consider whether the budget is reasonable and suited to the artwork’s stated objectives and whether the estimated expenditure on the proposed activities is justified.

Visual Artists

Individuals or collectives who work professionally in one or more of the following fields: drawing, painting and graphic arts, sculptures and installation art, conceptual art, performance art, artistic research, photography, film, video, sound, digital and new media art, self-published artist books, and art in public spaces.


A rotating jury of three visual artists participating in Maan Editions and one Athr director will review all applications. The evaluation process happens in two stages: a preselection by a committee of readers and a final selection by the committee of jurors.


Applications may be submitted at any time throughout the year. Applications will be reviewed and replied to within 15 days from the day of submission. Shortlisted applicants will be disbursed the agreed funds within 10 days. Maan The Maan support is extended through the grants cycle only. No support is given outside the open call.


At the end of the project, the grantee must submit a brief report on the utilization of the funds within 3 months of its receipt. The closure report may include high resolution images, curatorial statement and a description of how the fund was utilized.

Legal Ownerships / Copyrights

Athr and Maan will have no rights or claims to work or sales of works generated from the grant. All rights belong to the artists.

Athr Gallery | Maan Artists Grant